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How MYLO IS Made

The process begins with mycelium cells grown on a bed of renewable, organic substrate inside our vertical farming facility that is powered by 100% renewable electricity.


Mycelium — the root-like system of fungi — has evolved for billions of years beneath the forest floor.

To make Mylo, we’ve brought this infinitely renewable resource to the surface — engineering a unique process to grow and transform mycelium into a sustainable alternative to traditional and fully-synthetic leathers.

Grown in weeks versus the years it takes to raise livestock, mycelium has a unique microstructure that gives Mylo a supple warmth that is missing from synthetic or cellulosic leather alternatives.


While new materials take decades to reach mass scale adoption, we have worked diligently to expedite Mylo's evolution to match the critical need and overwhelming demand for a better option.

Powered by a novel supply chain and close collaboration with production partners, Mylo has undergone over 5,000 iterations to achieve a lower impact material that meets the aesthetic and performance standards required to manufacture high-quality products.


Good Chemistry Is Everything

As we scale production to meet the overwhelming demand for Mylo, we are actively sampling select brands and designers with clear mission alignment, high standards for quality, and the ability to scale for maximum environmental impact.

Priority access may be granted to customers interested in taking the Greener Pastures Pledge, our incentive program for brands committed to eliminating the use of virgin animal leather from their collections.



  • Mylo™ material is made by Bolt Threads, a U.S. material innovations company based in California. The mycelium used to make Mylo material is grown in an indoor vertical farming facility and processed in our EU manufacturing facilities.

  • Yes. We have partnered with world experts in tanning and dyeing who have been recognized with global sustainability certifications to help build a process designed for human health and safety and low environmental impact.

    The processing and finishing chemistries for Mylo™ material are intentionally evaluated and selected using Green Chemistry principles. Mylo material is free of substances of concern such as chromium and DMFa, two of the noxious chemicals used in animal and synthetic leather respectively. We've taken the additional step of gaining OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification for Mylo, demonstrating the rigor of our assessment process.

  • In 2022, Bolt Threads announced The Greener Pastures Pledge — an incentive program that grants priority access of Mylo to brands that commit to eliminating the use of virgin animal leather in their products. Conceived in partnership with GANNI, the intent is to galvanize emerging brands eager to get their hands on Mylo in exchange for a commitment to material change that benefits the planet.

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