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Mylo’s Certifications & Assurances

Driven By Data

December 2022

At Bolt Threads, we are inspired by nature to reinvent the materials used to make the products we know and love. That’s why we developed Mylo™ — a viable alternative to animal leather made from the root-like structure of mushrooms. By pioneering greener practices and working with world-class supply chain partners to make Mylo, we aim to reduce the impact that leather using industries have on our environment.

With most consumers expressing a preference for more sustainable products, the market opportunity is huge. But making meaningful progress in impact reduction is not easy, and marketing claims can overtake the actual reality. In a screen of online sustainability claims, the European Commission reported they “had reason to believe that in 42% of cases the claims were exaggerated, false or deceptive.” In an era and industry dominated by Greenwashing, we believe it is our responsibility to substantiate every claim we make along the way.

To validate our work, we invite scrutiny and evaluation from credible third-party organizations with high standards for human and environmental safety. These certifications and verifications assure our brand partners and customers that Mylo’s real-life impact measures up to the marketing.

Sustainability is about making meaningful progress in reducing impacts and improving livelihoods. We set high expectations for ourselves in this regard. We want to communicate what we’re doing in a trustworthy and credible manner, and external certifications are an important part of giving customers confidence in our progress.
Libby Sommer, Bolt Threads Director of Corporate Responsibility

Guided by Green Chemistry

“Everything is chemistry…” Paul Anastas, one of the founders of Green Chemistry, reminds us that everything from water to mycelium to the air we breathe is chemistry. But not all chemicals are created equal. We review over 20 different measures of toxicity, biodegradability and bioaccumulation potential when selecting chemistry for Mylo. Avoiding known hazardous chemicals, and selecting the safest possible option is central to how we design our materials.

OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Certified

To provide validation of our commitment to Green Chemistry, we submitted Mylo to OEKO-TEX® and successfully passed rigorous testing for the presence of over 350 harmful and toxic chemicals earning their STANDARD 100 label. Since 1992, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® has been the world's best-known label for textiles free of harmful substances. Setting a strict global standard for textile safety, this certification is designed to protect consumers as well as the environment.

Bluesign®-Approved Dyes

Mylo's rich color doesn't come at a cost to our planet. Our dyes are bluesign®-approved, which means that they’re manufactured in a process that minimizes the impact on the environment, workers and consumers. Bluesign®-approved manufacturers have robust controls on quality and safety, and meet requirements to limit hazardous chemicals and choose better ingredients..


Creating a cow-free leather alternative is one thing — ensuring no animal-derived inputs is another. Mylo is vegan-verified by Eurofins | Chem-MAP, and all inputs, chemistry, and facilities meet the highest vegan standard. From DNA testing to an intensive supply chain audit, this is arguably the most technologically advanced program and is endorsed by The Vegan Society and BeVeg.

A Constant Evolution

Mylo's material science, engineering, and technology is still in its early days and will continue to improve with time and scale. While we are proud to meet these industry-leading standards for human and environmental safety, we recognize there is no finish line and will continue to share more about the substantiated benefits of Mylo.