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GANNI Celebrates Mushroom Day with Mylo

October 2022 Photos & Video by Karya Schanilec and Alyssa Lester

Inside Our Mushroom 
Day Celebration

On none other than National Mushroom Day, we got together with our friends and collaborators at GANNI for a mushroom-infused evening at their SoHo flagship to reveal the latest GANNI x Mylo products. As GANNI continues to evolve beyond virgin animal leather and explore more sustainable alternatives like Mylo™, every step is worth celebrating.

As usual, GANNI’s unapologetically cool style was on full display. #GANNIGirls and mushroom enthusiasts alike gathered to get a first look and join us in toasting to the future of fashion made from fungi. Guests included Tomás Matos, Griffin Maxwell Brooks, Jazmine Rogers, and Davis Burleson. Representing our beloved brand partner was Louise du Toit, President North America at GANNI, rocking a hand-painted Mylo saddlebag — a centerpiece of the night.

Louise du Toit and Jazmine Rogers with their Mylo x GANNI Saddle Bags

Tomás Matos and Davis Burleson with their Mylo x GANNI saddle bags

Guests were the first to lay their hands on this special collection of classic GANNI styles reimagined in Mylo, our soft, supple mycelium-based material. The fresh assortment of saddlebags, wallets, and keychains were nestled in a dazzling display brimming with real mushrooms designed by FDK Florals, while the vibrant storefront windows were hand-painted by GANNI designer Lukas Højlund — whose handy work could also be seen on a select number of GANNI x Mylo bags. GANNI plans to release more Mylo products in 2023.

GANNI Sets a New Pace

Raising the bar on fashion’s status quo, GANNI has ambitious plans to phase out virgin animal leather from their collections. Deeply inspired by their relentless commitment to material change, we’ve announced a new initiative that will give preferential access to Mylo for brands on the path to unleather. We’re calling it The Greener Pastures Pledge.

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