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The Next Generation of Japanese Craftsmanship

December 15, 2022

After unveiling Japan’s first-ever products made from Mylo™ earlier this year, our collaborators at Tsuchiya Kaban officially have released three stunning products available for purchase at select brick-and-mortar and online stores.

The products include the Mylo™ L Zip Purse by Tuchiya Kaban and the Mylo™ Wallet Bag and Mylo™ iPhone Case by — each elegantly designed and finely tuned for everyday functionality. The products can be found in capsule displays at Tsuchiya Kaban flagship stores, surrounded by mushrooms and embedded in the ecosystem from which mycelium, Mylo’s key ingredient, is found.

The Mylo™ L Zip Purse by Tuchiya Kaban (L) and the Mylo™ Wallet Bag by (R)

Rooted in a Rich History

Tsuchiya Kaban is a beloved leather goods company founded in 1965 and headquartered in Adachi-ku, Tokyo. With a rich history in Japanese craftsmanship, Tsuchiya Kaban and sister brand work with around 200 craftspeople in Japan to create bags, backpacks, and everyday accessories.

Continuing to modernize their craft and provide customers with animal-free alternatives, they’ve carefully worked Mylo into their process by exploring a variety of applications, fine-tuning techniques to meet their exceptionally high product design standards.
Mylo, made from mycelium, the root-like structure of mushrooms, is a leather alternative with functional and aesthetic qualities that are remarkably similar to animal leather. By adding Mylo into their material library, Tsuchiya Kaban has spawned a new era of Japanese craftsmanship that combines innovation with tradition to make “endearing products” that last a lifetime.

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